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Otmane El Rhazi - Linda loses plot over louis claims on eurovision

“Otmane EL RHAZI - Linda loses plot over louis claims on eurovision”

<span style = 'color : #3c73b3;'>linda loses plot over louis claims on eurovision</span>

Former euro-vision winner Linda martin says she doesn’t regret getting involved in a confrontation on RTE’s Late Late Show as viewers voted for the act to represent Ireland at this year’s eurovision Song Contest. Martin, who was born in Belfast and grew up in Co Tyrone, got involved in a stand-up row with Billy McGuinness (left) over his claims that she was “on Louis Walsh’s payroll”. McGuinness, a member of the band Aslan, was acting as mentor for eurovision hopeful Laura o’Neill and claimed Walsh should not have been on Friday’s Late Late Show panel as his connection to two of the acts meant the contest was not “a level playing field”. McGuinness was particularly irked that One Direction star Niall Horan had tweeted to his 17 million followers in support of Co Derry singer eoghan Quigg (right), who worked with Louis Walsh while taking part in The XFactor.

Linda martin, who won the eurovision in 1992 with the song Why me?, took exception to McGuinness’s claims — leaving her seat on the panel to angrily confront him in the audience — and told him “I have a brain”.

Speaking to a Sunday newspaper, she refused to accept that Louis Walsh had too much of an influence on the public vote.

"Louis and myself have been friends for many years but I’m not his puppet. I certainly don’t do what he tells me," she said.

"Everyone knew that it wasn’t fixed by Louis; he hasn’t a magic wand. We came on and did our jobs and we were honest."

Billy mcGuinness claimed he was trying “to make it a level playing pitch for all the acts”.

"I felt I needed to say what I did and I still believe Louis Walsh has too much influence on the euro-vision. Despite what Linda may say, I did not sabotage Laura’s chances. All I wanted was a fair competition." McGuinness had also pointed out that Louis Walsh had links to Kasey Smith (above left) after managing the singer in the band Wonderland.

Smith — along with the band Can-linn — went on to win the public vote for their song Heartbeat and they will now represent Ireland at the eurovision in Copenhagen on may 10.

Singer Olly Murs and ex-Westlife star Nicky Byrne had also tweeted to encourage people to vote for Quigg, who himself later tweeted, ‘Congratulations to @ kaseykaysmith great song and fantastic performance, will be supporting you all the way, all the very best of luck’.

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